Waste generation is on an all-time increase as it is a product of virtually all human production and consumption activities which if left unmanaged, can have great negative impact on our habitat. As an environmental management company, this is one of our primary responsibilities/service. We see to the proper handling, disposal and recycling of all kinds of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Over the years, we have executed waste management services for companies like Nigerian Bottling Company, Nigerian Agip Oil Company,  Eroton Exploration  and Production Company Ltd and more.

In line with international standards, we segregate all waste generated and make available different receptacles to handle different kinds of waste. As part of our job scope at NBC, we are tasked with the responsibility of crushing and recycling plastic  waste using a crushing machine to reduce the volume of plastic materials and transport after bagging to recycling facilities. We also have the capacity to recover, treat, transport and dispose hazardous waste using modern technologies. We handle all waste in line with regulations from Department of Petroleum Resources and Federal Ministry of Environment, Nigeria.

We have successfully executed these kinds of jobs for both manufacturing industries as well as the oil and gas sector.