Who We Are

We are an environmental management company operating in the oil & gas and manufacturing industries.

What We Do

The company is set up with the sole aim and goal of tackling the ever increasing challenges of pollution to the environment. Our services are borne out of the desire to proffer sustainable solutions to environmental degradation, maintain a healthy and ecofriendly habitat and also create wealth out of waste by leveraging on modern technologies.


To be a global reference point in the delivery of quality environment-friendly solutions.


Rendering prompt and sustainable solutions to arising environmental challenges utilizing modern technologies.

  • Integrity
  • Distinction
  • Solution-Oriented
  • Teamwork

Our strategies are built on:

  • The Capacity to effectively identify opportunities for growth
  • The means to identify value added solutions
  • The drive to guarantee customer satisfaction
  • A team dedicated to explore opportunities for continual improvement.

As a forward and evolving company seeking to offer relevant solutions to problems in our field of expertise we have adopted constant learning and improvement as part of our culture. Our employees are provided with platform and avenues for development that greatly improve their efficiency and performance delivery. We consult with experts who transfer their knowledge and wealth of experience in the field to our employees through trainings and workshops; we also organize in-house trainings, safe work practices, HSE and encourage all round personnel development amongst our employees.

Our Clients

Our Partners