We have gained vast experience in oil spill cleanup and soil remediation, successfully completing about a hundred oil spill projects in the oil and gas sector. Our service is centered on applying sustainable eco-friendly technologies to tackle environmental pollution. Our service in this area covers:

  • Oil Spill Control
  • Oil Spill Contingency plan
  • Cleanup & Remediation of impacted sites
  • Post Impact Assessment

We optimally utilize standard methods, practices and technologies to ensure safe environmental cleanup projects. SomeĀ  technologies used by our team of experts in oil spill cleanup and control are listed below:

  • Containment boom
  • Fire boom
  • Boom vane
  • Vacuum systems (pumps)
  • Pumps and storage tanks
  • Skimmers
  • Pumps (suction and vacuum)
  • Dispersant sprays
  • Sorbent materials
  • Silt curtains
  • Workboats